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BD Fuses helps you understand the role of the fuse in a DC or AC circuit. This site demystifies the fuse, how to use a fuse, and which fuse is for you. Welcome to BD Fuses, your home for everything related to fuses. BD Batteries, a Denver based company specializing in a variety of power and electrical solutions, built this site to aid our customers. This website is a reference for many of the intricacies regarding fuses.

Fuses are basically a power limiting electrical device, designed to destroy themselves instead of the equipment they are connected to. Fuses, being cheap, are far more economical than buying new equipment. So whether you are looking to upgrade your home to harness solar power, have a car, a rv or a boat, you have probably had to change a blown fuse or are getting an introduction now. Some questions have come up repeatedly for us, and that means someone wants to know more about fuses. This site is simply designed to help you understand these answers to the --> WHY?

For instance:
How did someone decide which fuse to put there?
Why is that the right one?
What kind of fuse is that?
What blows a fuse in the first place?

To get started, let's go over fuses in general.
Part Two of the intro covers the parts you need to choose a fuse.
Once you have the numbers you need, calculate the fuse size, and fuse derating.
With all calculations, choose from the types of Fuses AC, DC, and more!

Compare and Constrast Electrical Systems:

Diodes Vs Fuses and Current Protection
Breakers Vs Fuses and Current Protection

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