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Below we have explained a bit about 4 different types of fuses we carry. Remember that a fuse is designed to protect electronics, and that a motor typically needs a slow blow fuse, or a breaker. Click here for the difference between a fuse and a breaker.

ANN Fuses - Very Fast acting Limiter Fuse
high output dc fuses One of our most popular fuse types is the ANN fuse. ANN fuses are very fast acting fuses, which means they have the highest speed of responses to arrest a short-circuit, or higher than normal currents. These fuses are used in solar arrays, rvs, boats, forklifts, tractors, cleaning equipment and more to protect the electronics. The ANN fuse looks identical to an ANL in that they are bolted to the fuseblock, have a top notch and a side notch for mounting, and have a visible fuse element through a mica window.
Ampere Rating:
10A to 800A
Voltage Rating:
125Vac (or less)
80Vdc (or less)
Interrupting Rating:

2,500A ac,
2,700A dc
Click here for data sheet (pdf)

ANL Fuses - Non Time Delay, Slower Blow fuse
high output dc fuses Another of our more popular fuses, is a Non-Time-Delay, slower blow fuse. The ANL series of fuses is designed to take a bit more than the rated amperage for a short period of time, but operate at the rating. The ANL fuse is predominantly installed to protect small electric motors or the power supplies that run them in many applications. RVs have inverters that spike to power motors for instance. This type of fuse allows for small motors to start intermittedly. An example would be a 35 amp fuse that will sustaint an 80 amp load for about a minute and a half. To see the graph look at the data sheet below.
Ampere Rating:
35A to 750A
Voltage Rating:
32Vac (or less)
80Vdc (or less)
Click here for data sheet (pdf)

Maxi Fuse, ATO Fuse, ATC Fuse, Mini fuse, and other Automotive Fuses
automotive fuses, ato, atc, maxi, and mini fuses Probably the most common type of fuses are those installed under the hood of every car on the road. Installed to protect the electronics from the varying power available under the hood in the alternator, fuses, and the fuse block are most folks only interface with a fuse. Standards for these automotive fuses are created, maintained, and published by SAE International (formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers), but as the use of portable electronics continues, so too does their usage in the home and around. Generally these are low voltage, and low amperage fuses.
Ampere Rating:
.5A to 80A
Voltage Rating:
8Vac (or less)
18Vdc (or less)

AMG Mega High Amperage 32v Fuses
high output dc fuses Not as widely used as the fuse types above, but sometimes a better fit. The MEGAŽ Fuse is the industry standard for high current battery and Electrical Component protection. The Mega fuse is available in current ratings of 100-300 amperes. The fuse's bolt-down design makes it effective for high current applications, and ensures easy installation and replacement. The MEGA Fuse was introduced in 1991 to provide a higher amperage fuse with a reliable bolt-down connection to replace fusible links.The MEGA Fuse's function is to protect heavy gauge wire and other electrical components from thermal damage caused by current overloads, when a device is drawing more current than the wire and system can handle, and short circuits caused by a fault in the wiring system. It is designed to open non-destructively and allow for ease of replacement. Due to their tuned voltage, they can be more sensitive, saving your more expensive electronics.
Ampere Rating:
100A to 300A
Voltage Rating:
32Vdc (or less)

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